Cat and dog grooming services in Russellville, AR your pet will love

Is your dog's fur growing out of control? Does your dog need a trim? Finding pet hair all over your house and furniture? Preparing your prized pet for show clips? There is a simple answer. Come to see the dog grooming team at Canine Design in Russellville, AR to get your pet cleaned up or even for a total makeover!


We offer a comprehensive range of dog grooming services at our facilities in Russellville. If it’s just a wash they need, no problem. If it’s the full-works, from nail trims to bows and bandanas, we can’t be beat. Your pet will leave Canine Design feeling fresh, healthy, and looking and smelling great! Not sure we offer a service you need? Then get in touch with our friendly staff today. They’d be happy to assist you.


As with all of the services we provide at our facilities in Russellville, you’ll find our dog grooming rates affordable. Keeping your pet at its best shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Below is a list of some of the services we offer and at prices you’ll love.

Grooming Prices

Small Dogs (under 20 lbs.) $

Medium Dogs (20-45 lbs.) $$

Large Dogs (45-70 lbs.) $$$

Extra Large Dogs (over 70 lbs.) $$$$

Grooming Includes

Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, Bath, Style, Anals, Bows or Bandana

Extra Charges with Grooming

Toe Nail File $5

Teeth Brushing $4

Flea and Tick Treatment $3-$10

Medicated Bath $3

Extra Charges without Grooming

Toe Nail Trim $5

Toe Nail File $5

Ear Hair Removal $5

Flea and Tick Treatment $10

Anals $7.50